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We all have a vision for our lives as well as a history. George Michael Lowhigh is a hair stylist who has a vision, a plan and experience to support his dream. George Michael started his life in the beauty and fashion industry by going to hair school while he was in the United States Air Force. It was a bit unconventional, but that has become the mantra for George's life and work: unconventional.

After hair school, George Michael went on to platform his work through the Midwest and in the St. Louis area. He found many mentors within the industry and quickly learned various techniques to become a master at his craft. To broaden his services, George Michael's quest expanded into skincare and makeup application. This soon became George's love and passion in the field. As he realized this passion, he also realized he was missing true cosmetic product knowledge.

George was frustrated with hearing talk of products in the industry without knowing the chemical makeup and function of the products. Consequently he decided to return to school and study chemistry in order to better understand how the daily products we all use actually work. While George Michael continued to study Chemistry, he was working as a hair stylist. In 1994, George Michael moved back to Pennsylvania where he grew up. That was when his vision of System Elite and Urban Impact Products began.

George Michael worked at a prestigious salon in the Pittsburgh area as a manager where he was responsible for training and servicing his own clientele. During this time, George was also working with chemists on the development of his product line. He developed a vision of opening his own salon with a line of hair and skincare products that was true and clients could love.

In 2000, George Michael opened his first salon complete with a hair care product line. One year later was the introduction of the System Elite Skincare line. Today, George Michael has opened a salon in the progressive Uptown area of Minneapolis and continues what he does best...Great Products and Great Hair!

You may consult with George Michael Lowhigh or one of his staff for free expert advise on hair care and skincare products that are best suited for you. Contact us at Gmichael@systemelite.com or call us to set up a free phone consultation. If you are in the Twin Cities area, call to schedule a free consultation with us. We will guide you on which services and products are best suited to your needs. Upon evaluation, we stand behind all services and products purchased.